Chef Works Weekly Bites:
Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of 2019! Chef Works Weekly Bites is where we take a dive into the fun food stories of the week.

First up is guess the quote:

“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”

Do you know who said it? (Answer at the bottom).


If the mobile lifestyle has brought us anything, it’s convenience. With an entire world that’s just a voice command away (because using your thumbs is so 2017), there’s not much we can’t find out or accomplish with our phones.

The same is true for the restaurant industry. Many have turned to third-party delivery services – like Grubhub and Uber Eats – to deliver their bites to those who order via mobile. But according to the Associated Press, some brands – Jimmy John’s, Domino’s, Panera Bread and Olive Garden to name a few — don’t trust their food in the hands of anyone other than their employees.

“They are delivering a very valuable experience to the consumers, but they are still growing themselves,” said Dylan Bolden, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group, who studied restaurant delivery. “Their model isn’t completely ironed out yet to deliver a consistent experience.”

You can read the full AP report here.


Friendly reminder: TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY!!! You have been warned. If you forget, it’s on you.

Food and romance have long been a power couple. When there’s romance in the air, good food usually isn’t far behind.

So in the spirit of love, here are some Valentine’s Day links you might find useful:

  • Whether you’re an executive chef, a sous chef or a home chef, there are still some tricks you can follow to create a successful Valentine’s Day dinner. PBS Food has some helpful suggestions.
  • Do you live in one of the most romantic cities in the country? OpenTable used its data to break down the top 25 cities in the U.S. that bring the l’amoure.
  • Perhaps you want to “grab a cup of coffee” with someone for a first date. Or maybe getting out of the house for a cup of java with your significant other counts as a date. Food & Wine looks at the “Most Romantic” Starbucks locations around the world.
  • If you’re in the restaurant industry, there’s a good chance that you’ll actually be working on Valentine’s Day and not spending it with your significant other. We Are Chefs came up with six fantastic ideas that you can do for that special someone while you’re stuck working the line or the front of the house.

Know that you’re appreciated for all you’re doing to make the day special for others.


Back in Week 5, we mentioned that Girl Scout Cookies were coming (say it in a Ned Stark voice and it sounds cooler). Well, they’re here! You can either eat them straight from the box (no judgments) or you can take your GSC game to the next level. Their website released some recipes for sprucing up your cookies and incorporating them into other dishes.

Chef Lamar Moore, rocking a Tribeca Executive Chef Coat, will be taking over the Chef Works Instagram account on Friday!


The Chef Works social media team has some big stuff planned over the next couple of days. Make sure you’re following along on all of our channels – including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — to stay in the know. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FindTheFork to tag us!

First up, we’re doing Valentine’s Day gear giveaway! Be sure to check Facebook and Instagram on Thursday for your chance to win free swag like Chef Works aprons and accessories.

Then on Friday, in honor of Black History Month, Chef Lamar Moore do an Instagram takeover! The Chicago-based executive chef, a fan-favorite of last fall’s “Welcome to Waverly” on Bravo TV, will be taking our Instagram through his kitchen and beyond!

The Havana Shirt, paired with a Berkeley Bib Apron or Petite Bib, makes for a fashion-forward and functional FOH look!


Meet the last front of house shirt you’ll ever need! The Havana, with exclusive cuts for women and men, has short sleeves, a snap front and a back-collar apron holder. The delicious details, like the side hem and back pleats, make it fashion-forward. The storage options make it super versatile! Pair it with any of our aprons to complete the look!

Quote answer: Kurt Vonnegut

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