Feel-good social media stories

Is your screen time up 700% this week? Looking for some positive stories, but getting bogged down thumbing through all of the negative ones? Fear not. Chef Works has you covered.

We’re all about lights at the end of tunnels, silver linings and feel-good stories that feed the soul. Our team has gathered up some inspirational social media posts and hand-crafted a video that we’re confident will make you smile.

This week we’re looking at @offtheirplate delivering food to hospitals and healthcare workers; @restaurantmerch by @flavourgallery and their “zero cost, zero stress” process for custom t-shirts; and @craftmealssd donating meals to local community organizations – like hospitals and schools.

If you have something incredible to share that helps keep everyone’s spirits up, be sure to tag us with #ChefWorks and #FindtheFork.

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